Gear FAQs

I get asked all the time what gear I'm using... let me first start by saying it isn't what gear you have or use it's which camera you have with you that matters most.  I prefer Sony Alpha camera bodies and also use mostly only Sony Alpha or Sony G-Master Glass.  My go-to tripod company is ProMaster Camera Gear with a Benro Swiss Arca ballhead and I switch between a variety of camera backpack setups depending hike or trip length.

Main Camera Body: Sony Alpha A7riii
Backup Camera Body: Sony Alpha A7rii

Main Camera Lenses:
-Sony 70-200mm G-Master F4 
-Sony Zeiss 16-35mm F4
-Sony Zeiss 55mm F1.8
-Sony 90mm G-Master F2.8

Main Backpack:

Thinktank x Mindshift Backlight 36L (Hiking Pack)

Lowepro BP250 AW (Street Pack)

My go-to tripod: 
ProMaster XC-M 525 Pro Tripod Orange

Current drone: 

DJI Mavic Pro + PolarPro Filters

Camera strap pictured: 

Langly Paracord Camera Strap

Located in Denver Colorado

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