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Tips for capturing low light tent glow shots

Tips for capturing low light tent glow shots

This was taken during summer camping season of 2017 - we found a really great spot somewhere hidden in Mt. Evans wilderness and set up camp for Milkyway shots and sunrise photography. Before heading to Echo Lake to shoot Milkyway images I turned on my LED light inside my tent and we stood still for about 20-seconds. Admittedly the light in the tent is slightly too bright, but to make shots like these happen your going to need an LED or small tent light. I setup my tripod and set my camera to standard astrophotography settings: WIDE 16mm F4 and tried a few different lengths to see which one looked best. 20 seconds seemed to do the trick with the F4 still allowing for some crisp detail and contrast in the stars and night sky. Another tip would be to stand really still and take a few different exposures because there's a chance you'll be moving in one or two. Also, we shine the light up, down and at our feet to give the image a sense of scale and to show some people looking out at the view.

Camera settings: F4 for 20'' ISO3200
Camera: Sony A7Rii x Sony Zeiss 16-35mm F4
Captured: August 2017

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