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Snowshoe Indian Peaks Wilderness - The Outbound Network

Snowshoe Indian Peaks Wilderness - The Outbound Network

I submit an adventure to the Outbound network on winter hiking in Indian Peaks Wilderness, Ward, Colorado -- below is the full hike write up:

A long but extremely scenic hike tucked in Colorado's Indian Peaks wilderness.  Due to winter road work and road closures this will add 4 miles to the normal 2.3 mile trail.  This portion of the hike is frustrating because you are walking along a closed road, exposed to wind and conditions for 2 miles before reaching the trail head. 
• Park at parking lot outside Indian Peaks entrance gates
• Walk 2.1 miles to reach trailhead for Long Lake 
• During beginning of walk we used spikes / also optional snowshoe trails
• Locate Long Lake trailhead 
• Snow packed trail (you will need microspikes or as winter continues snow shoes) 
• Once you reach the trailhead you can either keep walking on the road through the campground to access to the lake trail or start when you see Long Lake trailhead sign (which will come first) 
• Long Lake trail is 2.3 miles moderate-traffic trail (we have seen moose and other wild life back here) 
• Trail is out-and-back route 
• Conditions are usually blisteringly cold at the Lake's edge so time up your sunrise or sunset photography as you won't be spending much time here 
• Exit 2.3 mile trail back on to Brainard Lake Road (currently under construction) 
• We used the micospikes almost all the way back to the car and logged a total of 7.1 miles of hiking for the day 

• ——

Be warned - the winds in this area can be extreme so check weather, twice before heading out to do this hike. 
• Warm hiking clothes / double layers 
• Face protection from high wind
• Hiking Poles
• Mico-Spikes or snowshoes or cross country skies -- check conditions for snow levels first 
• Warm coffee 
• Camera / Tripod 
• Plenty of water 
• Trail snacks 
• Gloves / Hats / Full winter gear needed